How to REALLY Prepare For A Snowstorm.

Blizzard! Am I the only one who loves to see a weather forecast where one of the days actually says, “BLIZZARD”? From twitter, I’d say not. While everyone is freaking out and getting their first aid kits, candles and water ready for potential power outages, I’ll tell you what you really need to do.

First off, yes get prepared. Fill up  your tub with water. What? You don’t know that trick? It’s so you can use the water to flush the toilet. Because Ew. Being able to flush your toilet is KEY.

The view from here.

Next, Do all your dishes and laundry. Make sure dishwasher is empty, and ready for filling. Trust me, nothing is worse that waking up to no power (well, except maybe a brown torpedo, see below), and a sink/dishwasher full of dishes, or a washing machine full of clothes that can’t  be dried. Especially if the power is out for 3 days….

Then, charge up all your things.  Phones, iPods, Laptops, what have you. You don’t want  to be stuck in a power outage with out your electronics! Also, when your kid asks you for the thousandth time when the power will be back on, you can just say “Here, watch Blues Clues.”

Make Cookies. When  the power is out, you’ll be glad you did. Plus? You need something to go with the milk in the fridge you try to guzzle down before it  goes bad, even though the power has only been out for 2 hours and you could just take everything in the fridge and put it out in the snow, which brings me to:

If you think I’m going outside to get a picture for the Klog,
you’re cray cray.

Clear off a spot on your porch/patio/lawn etc. where you can put your fridge/freezer stuff. This is only necessary if you lose power for more than 12 hours. A few years ago we had about $500 worth of meat on our porch. I was afraid I would awaken to a pack of coyotes on my porch enjoying some nice free range pork, but they stayed away.

Find your shovels, boots, snow-pants, sleds, skis, etc etc BEFORE it starts snowing. Again, trust me. It’s really hard to find your snow shovel when it’s buried in a foot of snow, somewhere over there.

And finally, do a quick poop scan and scoop of your lawn if you have dogs. NOTHING is worse than finding a brown torpedo in your snowman.

If you do all these things, you’ll be totally prepared and hopefully nervous breakdown free. I have also found, the more prepared I am the less likely I am to lose power. It’s called Murphy’s Law, people.

*For those of you reading this who have NO sense of humor, this is funny. Yes. Get your candles and your power packs and your first aid kids and all of that stuff. Do not sue me for satire, or leave me comments about how dumb I am. Thanks!*

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