Knitting Ringer

Oh, Hi. You should know that my graphs are broken, however I’m making HUGE progress with my unreasonable goals. Why? Because I include ringers you knuckleheads! Ringers are KEY to success. You can’t be all, “I resolve to knit 12 things in 2011” and then pick out 12 sweaters. I mean, some people can, but not me. Anyhow, last night – I knit this for Kid:

Snow White Bow, as worn by Phrenology Fred, my knitwear model.

Doesn’t Fred look dashing in his new pink bow? I knit this in like an episode and a half of Stargate. Which I DO NOT watch. It was forced upon me by husband. I was listening to David Sedaris’s new book.  Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk – my first audio book of 2011.  I also finished Sookie Stackhouse Book #10, Dead in the Family, but I’m not including it in my audio books of 2011, because I started it in December of 2010. I’m not a cheater, just a rule bender. And since I make my own rules, I guess I never cheat? I don’t know. I’ve had way too much coffee.

I’m a little concerned this bow is setting a dangerous precedent with Kid because last night while looking at Ravelry with me this happend:

Kid: Mom, knit me this bow, in pink, for tomorrow.
Me: Um, I can start it but knitting things take time and I dont’ know how much yarn I hav….
Kid: You have a lot of needles, and lots of pink yarn. I’ve seen it.
Me: Ok, I’ll try my best….

This morning:
Kid: YES! This bow is AWESOME! I knew you could do it! Tonight, knit me a hat.

As you can see, Kid is trying to turn this house into her personal knitwear sweatshop.  Anyhow, this bow is awesome, fast, super cute, and perfect for beginners. The pattern is FREE and located HERE. I can think of about a million applications for this bow, sew it onto bags, hats, etc. etc. Give it a try, suckas!

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