Yearly Goals Update!

This blog started nearly 13 years ago because a 29-year-old me was freaking out about not having achieved some major goals before 30. Back then this was the Klog, and I created the 30-list. 30 things to do before I was 30. I’m now on the brink of 42, and a lot has changed, but I keep on doing this list. For a long time I would add one thing for each year, but I’m kind of over that, so I’m sticking with 40, because honestly, that’s a lot of things.

Each year my list of goals is a mishmash of todo list and major life goals/aspirations. In the past I have cut myself a lot of slack, and figured if I hit about 50% average at the end of the year (which isn’t super hard, and I was able to do this year) I’d call it good. But, for 2020, I don’t know, I feel energized, ambitious, and motivated in a way I haven’t been before. I’m going to attempt, REALLY TRY, to nail every goal. It’s going to be extremely hard, especially because some of the goals are a bit out of my control: get an agent, and some are goals within goals: Daily 5 (exercise, drink water, mediate, journal, practice gratitude every day). Some things on my goal list have been there for a decade (shamefully, get passports). Some I just try to do every year. You can see my list here.

Sometimes people are kinda mean to me about my goal list. It’s too long, it’s too ambitious, it’s too blah blah blah. Well, I’m too…too. It’s something I learned this year, I’m a bit extra. Too much, some would say. Not for everyone. That’s cool. Anyhow, I may update my goal progress a bit more this year, although I always say that, maybe this year it’s all for real, for real.

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