Unreasonable Goals for 2011!

Happy New Year! Here is my list of unreasonable goals for 2011. Why 33? Because that’s how old I am. Some of you will undoubtedly look at this list and say, “You’re insane. WTF is wrong with you? Why on Earth would you set yourself up to fail in such an epic way?”  And, you’re kind of right. I’m totally nuts. But here’s the thing, I’m not stupid. I know there is very little chance I will complete 100% of everything on this list. If I make it to 50% I’m going to be very, very happy. Also, there are some ringers on the list, so I can enjoy seeing the progress bars tick up.
     Why do I do it?  Because I enjoy making lists, quantifying my progress throughout the year, and graphs are fun. Also, I want some practice writing non-sucky blog posts about things like food, music, and movies.  I believe some people call that “reviewing”.  Anyhow. Here it is:

  1. Read 12 Books
  2. Listen to 12 Books
  3. Try 30 New Recipes
  4. Knit 12 Items
  5. Write 365 Pages
  6. Complete Children’s Lit. Class
  7. Do 1 Stint of Open Mic Comedy
  8. Get Passports
  9. Go XC Skiing 12 times
  10. Take Maggie Tubing
  11. Take Maggie to Storyland
  12. Do 24 New Crafts With Maggie
  13. Create 12 Pieces of Art
  14. Attend 144 Zumba Classes
  15. 12 Dates With Mike
  16. 30 Visits with HB
  17. Walk 360 Miles
  18. Lose 30lbs
  19. Watch 24 Movies
  20. Try 12 New Eateries
  21. 12 Bags of Donations to Hospital Thrift Store
  22. Complete Fly Lady 30 Day
  23. Complete Happiness Project
  24. 52 Blog Posts
  25. Plant 12 Things
  26. Post 30 Photos
  27. 12 “albums”
  28. Train the damn dog.
  29. 12 Submissions for publication
  30. NaNoWriMo – Nov.
  31. Script Frenzy-Apr.
  32. 6 Live Shows with Maggie
  33. 12 Trips to Portland.

I’ll elaborate a bit more in the future. I’m taking suggestions for books, movies, recipes, and knitting patterns.

So, Happy New Year. I’ll leave you with this….(Because you’re supposed to have photos with all your blog posts or people will be sad or something.)

WTF? This is a metal pomegranate. My mom gave it to me  because “She saw it and knew I had to have it.” I’m not really sure what this says about me as a person. Also, doesn’t it seem kind of va-jay jay like or am I just a perv?

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