Very Superstitious

     I’m superstitious. I throw spilled salt over my shoulder, knock on wood, try not to start new things on Fridays, don’t walk under ladders, you know that usual. In addition to being superstitious, or because of it, or vice versa, I also have a touch of OCD. Not the cleaning kind, if only. No, the I really like even numbers and have to have things done a certain way, and always try to be the most efficient. Hmm now that I describe myself, I sound les OCD and more control-freaky. Either way, you get the picture. 

    Every year on NYE I have  fit. Because you see, I have this thing about starting the year with a clean house/clean slate. Why do I freak out? Why don’t I just spend the week before cleaning and preparing? PFFT. That is NOT how I roll, people. I like to try to clean everything all at once.  
     I have been doing this NY/NYE cleaning thing for a long time. Maybe ten years, after I read something about cleaning out your house at the begining of the year to make sure it would be clean for the rest of the year. Now every year I’m all, “Fuck, I’m destined to have a gross house AGAIN!” 
    Also this year, as an added bonus, I want to get my blog moved over to my new domain. To start the new year there, fresh. I think this is a good plan. I think initially I just keep this blogger format and then point to my new address (which I might add, I bought 5 years ago). 
   So, if you wonder where I am tomorrow, I’m cleaning, freaking out, and moving my blog to a new domain. Ok really, I’m probably drinking coffee, messing around on twitter, and THINKING about cleaning and freaking out.  Although, get ready, cause tomorrow I’m going to publish my list of unreasonable goals for 2011! I know you can’t wait. In the mean time, enjoy Stevie Wonder: 

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