Why I Walk So Much.

I walk 2.5 miles everyday. *Ahem* Sorry, I walk 2.5 miles almost everyday. Yes, yes, I want to get fit, slim and trim, healthier and all that. But here is the real reason I do it:

Usually it’s a lot worse than that, but you get the idea. So, for obvious reason I walk them, and for other obvious reasons I can’t walk them together. I take the little one (Sookie) first, because she can’t hold her poops as long. She can handle about a mile. Then I take the big one (Etta) for about 1.5 miles. Etta is old, she used to be able to do 3 miles easy. Not so much anymore. After they’ve had their walks, they look like this:

This lasts until about 3pm, when they freak out again.

On a related note, if you live in the Frozen North, or Blazing South for that matter, and have dogs, I recommend Musher’s Wax. It’s this crazy balm/wax you put on your dog’s feet once a week and it makes it so the cold,ice,salt, or for you lucky southern bastards – hot asphalt, doesn’t hurt your dog’s feet. I was super skeptical but it works like magic. Of course I could’ve just gotten booties because lord knows, I am not above dressing up my dog:

Small Dog in a Santa Suit
What? She loves it!

I am however, above wrestling boots onto the 8 paws of two unwilling pooches before I can take my girls outside. Anyhow, my first weight-loss tip of the year: Get a dog. They will not let your fat ass rest.

*Disclaimer* No I don’t work for Amazon or Musher’s Wax. This is not a paid blog. However, if they wanted to send me some for free, I’d take it. What? You would too.*

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