Empty Nest

Kid started kindergarten this year. Around August I really started freaking out. My little sidekick was going to be at school from 8-2 every day and I was going to be alone. At first I thought, “Ok, I’ll just have another baby.” then I came to my senses when I remembered that babies are really, really hard to take care of and don’t sleep very much, and I kind of like my little family and our dynamic. So, instead of having another baby, I got this instead:


Her name is Sookie, yes like the show, and the books. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just google Sookie Stackhouse.  Wait, don’t I already have a dog, and a cat? Yes, yes I do. However, my other dog is an elderly, super huge Golden Retriever who hates riding in cars. I needed something a little more portable. 

We are smitten with our puppy. She’s the perfect size for Kid to lug around and snuggle, but she’s pretty scrappy and super smart. However, after seeing how much work a puppy is, I’m very happy with my IUD. 

Sookie’s Favorite Foods:

1. Catfood
2. Underwear, clean or dirty, doesn’t matter.
3. Crayons
4. Wood
5. Polly Pockets
6. Anything that is not dog food
7. Dog Food.


1. Harassing the cat.  Not in a mean way, more in a “PLAYWITHMEPLAYWITHMEPLAYWITHMEOMGLETSPLAY” kind of way every time he walks by. Then he whomps her on the head and runs away. Did I mention my cat is 16 and blind? 
Cat, “I have no clue what this thing is.” Dog, “PLAY WITH ME!”
2. Speed eating catfood.

3. Looking for underwear to eat.

4.  Eating stuff off of the teeth of the other dog. It’s a relationship not unlike the ones sharks have with those little teeth cleaning fish. Here’s a picture of them together, so you can get an idea of the size difference: 

Etta, “Is something on my back?” Sookie, “I’m so goddamn cute, and sneaky.”

5. Getting under the furniture, finding weird stuff and eating it.

6. Destroying balls of yarn with lightning speed and brutality.

7. Being so goddamn cute.


1. Housebroken – No.

2. Sits – No.

3. Comes when called – No.

4.  Drop it! – 50/50

5. Stands on hind legs and spins in a circle like a circus dog for treats – Yes.

You can see where our priorities are. 

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