2015 Unreasonable Goals!

Many of you know that for the past 7 years (holy cow) I have posted a list of unreasonable goals to complete over the course of the year. I started it back when I was 29, and I called it ‘The 30 List’. I am now way over 30. Each year I list off a  bunch of stuff I want to achieve, some difficult, with some ‘ringers’ tossed in for good measure. I aim for at least 30, but cap it at whatever age  I am. Anyhow, that’s a long explanation.

2014 was the best year ever in terms of completing goals. Personally, it was one of the worst years of my life, but this post is about goals! I consider my list a success if I hit 30%, this year I was at over 50%. I’m pretty impressed with myself. I was able to cross things off the list that have been on there for years. Things like: Complete Dynamic Dirt Challenge! and Install Veggie Garden! and Get a Compost Bin! These goals had floated from list to list year after year, and now they are done. 2015 I’ve stuck to a lot of my old faves, such as ’12 books’ and ’12 movies’ as well as added some new ones, ’10 minute mile’.

This year, for something completely new, I would like to invite you, my blog readers, to complete some of these goals with me! I mean, if you want to. Totally up to you. One in particular that you all might like is the 52 week Reddit Cooking Challenge.     I would also really love it if some of you would like to share what you’re reading with me, maybe we could do a book club or something? Or not?Knitting and sewing projects? Yes? Let me know what you think. I want to be more connected with people this year, and not on Facebook. More on that later.

I really, really cross my heart, plan on expanding and updating this space a lot more this year. I also plan on sharing more horrible photos with you! No really, I’m a terrible photographer. go look at my instagram.

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