A Peek At My Former Self

In redesigning and updating this blog I have had the joy of going back through all of my posts since the blog was launched….in 2008. That’s right, I’ve been blogging for over a decade! Remember when I first started and it was called the Klog?

Look, I’m not going to lie, I’ve spent some time entertaining some jealous feelings towards Bloggers that have ‘made it’ who started around the same time I did, or even later. It’s true. Jealousy. Why don’t I have a book deal? Why aren’t I hanging out in LA working on Busy Phillips’ new TV show? Can’t I at least get a pool? Well, after looking at those old posts, I can see why I don’t have even a small pool. (But I mean, I also live in Maine and let’s face it, a pool wouldn’t be sensible, but you get the drift. A pool is the fanciest thing I could think of right now.) First, I rarely posted. I mean, I think that’s probably the key piece. Here’s a hot tip I have recently learned: if you want to make money at something, you have to do the thing  you want to make money doing. So weird, I know. Secondly, the posts that I did create were all over the place and not titled, labelled, or captioned well. And last but not least, they weren’t very good. I’ll own that straight-up. They were boring, or whiney, or trying too hard. I deleted at least a dozen posts that were about either ‘what should this blog be about?’ or ‘I’m on/off social media’. Which is not to say I might look at the social media topic again (spoiler, I’m totally going to) but I promise it won’t be boring. 

I did end up leaving some of my older posts on here. Some are actually quite good. I left some not so good ones up too. I left the crappy ones up because I’m trying to add a new voice and perspective to this world of ‘mom blogging’. That’s right, I said it. I’m leaning right into the thing I’ve been trying to avoid. I’m a goddamned mom blogger. I want to show people all sides of this life. I work at home, I have two kids, I cook and knit and create. I could easily cull out anything that isn’t beautiful, all of the fails, all of the embarrassing writing from ten years ago. I don’t want to do that anymore. Big, fun, scary changes are coming to this blog, and hopefully into my life. I’m ready to go all in, and embrace the Mommy in Mommyk8. 

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