The Big Flail

This weird poster resonates with me right now. By Ddicksson [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons
About a month ago I finished grad school and now have an MFA in creative writing. For those of you who don’t remember the very first post on this blog, (which back then was the Klog and I should have kept that domain, but you know how that goes) it was the unreasonable goals for my impending 30th birthday. One goal was: take one college course. One. It took me three years to check off that goal. At that time I had 30 credits left to finish my undergrad. I had only one child then. It is now ten years later, and I have two kids, and I have a graduate degree, and I am 40.

But, this post is not about that road. This post is about what I am doing now, and that is flailing. Not failing, flailing. I have many things I want to do. I am awash with ideas. I am not sure which way to go. For example, I am nearly half-way through wiring a novel, this I will continue doing, for sure. But what else? I have a book of essays outlined, I have an idea for a website, that may end up taking the place of this blog. I have an interest in both Vlogging and podcasting, and can’t figure out which one to sink effort into. Should I be on YouTube? I don’t know. But I do know, I won’t be able to figure out what I like best and what I will be successful at without trying. So, I guess this post is more of an announcement and a warning, I plan to be throwing a lot of shit against the wall to see what will stick in upcoming months. Be patient with me. Be excited for me. This is a weird and fun time. And please, let me know what you think. Comments, DMs whatever.

If you’re interested, I am already experimenting a little over on Instagram with photos and stories. Also, follow my author page on FB, please and thank you.

2 thoughts on “The Big Flail

  1. Kate! I feel so much the same way! Actually, it gives me a massive sense of relief to know someone else is in this same boat. I feel pulled in so many directions at once and I don’t know where to put my relatively limited energy, so I’m just trying everything and seeing how it goes. You seem to have a great attitude about it, though, and that’s really nice to see too, because I’ve been beating myself up a bit. Anyway, good luck as you figure things out, and thank you for sharing — it really makes me feel a lot better!

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply! Don’t beat yourself up about it, it seems like a new platform comes out every week. It’s hard to know where to put your efforts! Keep trying!

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