Learning Is Embarrassing

WordPress has a new editor. I haven’t figured it out yet. Yesterday, I published a draft that was not the edited draft I intended to publish. The post was filled with grammatical and spelling errors. Good thing I obsessively read my own blog. Too bad I didn’t do it until this morning. 

So, now you all know my dirty secret:  well-written blog posts don’t flow out of me on the first try.

Embarrassing like these too-short bangs I had last winter. 

Anyhow, why bother to say anything about it? I’m embarrassed for one. And for two, fear of messing up, especially when trying something new, keeps people from trying new things, or continuing old things, or doing anything. Maybe by admitting I am flailing around, posting crappy drafts by accident, trying to figure out what I’m doing as I go along, will inspire someone else to try something and flail and fail. 

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