Learning Is Embarrassing

WordPress has a new editor. I haven’t figured it out yet. Yesterday, I published a draft that was not the edited draft I intended to publish. The post was filled with grammatical and spelling errors. Good thing I obsessively read my own blog. Too bad I didn’t do it until this morning. So, now you all… Read More Learning Is Embarrassing

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Enough With The Texty Texty.

Not this drastic yet. via @johnnymip on Flickr/Creative Commons Should I write this post? I don’t know. I think I’ve written it before. If I wasn’t lazy I would l check. Here’s what it’s about: Social media. Time. Kids. Attention. During my residency I attended a panel on blogging and social media. What I noticed… Read More Enough With The Texty Texty.

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I Will Achieve Some of My Goals!

Remember when I turned 30 and freaked out and started a blog, the  30 list? No? Well read that link, it’s all explained there. When I look at the list, I cringe. It was a terrible list. However, it started a new tradition and every year I make a new list of goals, although now… Read More I Will Achieve Some of My Goals!

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What’s Up With All the Instagramming?

I knooow that’s what you guys are asking yourselves. Well, those of you that ‘follow’ me social media-wise. I’ve had Instagram for awhile, but I didn’t really start using it until a few weeks ago. Now I’m trying to add one post per day. Is it as simple as me just wanting to participate in… Read More What’s Up With All the Instagramming?