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What’s Up With All the Instagramming?

I knooow that’s what you guys are asking yourselves. Well, those of you that ‘follow’ me social media-wise. I’ve had Instagram for awhile, but I didn’t really start using it until a few weeks ago. Now I’m trying to add one post per day. Is it as simple as me just wanting to participate in… Read More What’s Up With All the Instagramming?

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Let’s Stop Being Jerks About Music

  Music is good for you.  Don’t believe me? Here are a bunch of recent studies that explain how music has a positive effect on people and is good for mental health: 5 Science-Based Reasons Music is Good For you (ABC.COM) Why Listening To Music is Key To Good Health (Daily Mail) Sad Music Is… Read More Let’s Stop Being Jerks About Music


Overnight Oatmeal

This could also be called ‘cold oatmeal’ or ‘refrigerator oatmeal’.  I’m including this in the Reddit 52 week challenge under dairy, because it is in fact, over half dairy. Or in my case, non-dairy. Here’s the thing about me, I’m not a strictly non-dairy person. I’m more of a limited-dairy person. I’m not entirely intolerant,… Read More Overnight Oatmeal


Thoughts on an On-line Education

I just got off the phone with USM tech support about a video issue with one of my classes. It’s a simple, 1 credit class. OK, it’s yoga. Yes, I’m paying to take a one-credit college-level yoga class. Don’t judge. Anyhow, the sound on the video sounds like Greedo: Now, I’m not a tech-idiot. Here’s… Read More Thoughts on an On-line Education

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Why Amanda Palmer Is Like a Farmer

  I just finished The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer last night. I’ll try to tell you about it without spoilers. You should read this book, especially if you are someone working in the creative economy right now. If you don’t know who Amanda Palmer is, read her wiki. I’ll wait. Also, watch her… Read More Why Amanda Palmer Is Like a Farmer