What I Listen To.

You see me walking down the road with my dogs, my sunglasses, my hunter orange stocking cap and safety orange vest, giant, green thermal windbreaker, purple mittens, headphone wires bisecting my front, and you’re like, “Dude, that chick is fly. I wonder what a cool, cool lady like that is listening to on her ipod?”  You probably think I’m listening to something fresh and edgy, since clearly that’s how I roll.

Well I am, bitches. Because I’m listening to nerdy, nerdy podcasts. All day. Well, except when I’m writing because the, “Listen to interesting new information” part of my brain and,  “Create interesting new information” part of my brain can’t seem to party together. “Create interesting new information” likes music. “Listen to interesting new information” likes chores and taking walks.

I get asked a lot for podcast recommendations. Like, three people have asked me. Clearly, there is a high demand for this information. Here’s what I likey:

1. This American Life. I know, it’s everyone’s favorite, but that’s because IT’S SO GOOD. Weekly one hour podcast (it’s also on NPR) usually three or four stories about a theme. It’s alway interesting, and almost always makes me cry,  (though as you’ll see from my other selections, I cry a lot. I have a lot of feelings. I’m a sucker.) but not always from sadness, actually often it’s from happiness. When you subscribe you can only get the most recent podcast, but you can go to the TAL website and stream all the episodes ever. You can also buy them all on Audible, I did that when I first got into TAL and listened to about 3 years worth of podcasts in order. It was awesome.

2. Radiolab .This is a VERY close second. More like 1a. really. Radiolab is a lot like TAL, one hour, one theme a bunch of stories, except the difference is Radiolab is about science where as TAL is more about the human condition. For example the Radiolab I’m listening to right now is about Space, they have three or four different scientists, physicists etc., talking about the universe etc. It’s very good, and makes me feel very smart.  I exclaim “Holy Shit!” out loud while listening to Radiolab at least twice an episode. Also on NPR.

Screenshot of not my i-pod. I have all these apps though, probably because with the exception of the Nike one, they all came with my phone. Anyhow, enjoy your obligatory picture.

3. The Moth. “True stories told live, without scripts, in 15 minutes or less.” That’s the Moth.  Very good. Usually very sad or very happy or both.   Love. Love. Love. the Moth. I like to save them up and then listen to a few weeks all at once. Guess what, ALSO on NPR. I can’t help it. NPR has good stuff.

4. Dinner Party Download. Little 15 minute nuggets of news, history, celebrity interview and a rad song. The premis is, this little download will give you all the tools you need to provide great conversation during a dinner party. It sounds a little lame, but it’s totally awesome. Though topical, they are still really good a few months out, since the news they pick is usually not what’s making the headlines for that week. It’s cute and fun, I always learn something, and never cry 🙂 Also….NPR….

5. Stuff You Should Know. Another solid hour of nerd heaven. This weekly podcast has covered everything from “Ponzi Schemes” to “Human Combustion” to “Ninjas”.  The narrators are funny and easy to listen to. This is important with a podcast, there are a few that didn’t make it on this list because the narrators are a bit meh, though the content is great.  They also take suggestions, so if somehow there is something they haven’t covered on their extensive list, e-mail them. There’s a good chance they’ll cover it.

I think that’s a good start for now. I have more, but these are my favorite, favorites. I also really love audiobooks and subscribe to Audible. I’ll make you list of my favorite audiobooks so far too. Those are real fucking nerdy as well.

How’d I do? Did I miss any?

4 thoughts on “What I Listen To.

  1. ~salix~

    K8, since you’re of the iPhone gen now, you should totally get the Stitcher App. You can make your own “radio station” of podcasts. They stream a ton of cool NPR shows, and all sorts of other stuff. Most of the ones you mentioned are on there, as well as most of the ones below:

    Democracy Now – Best journalistic show out there, hands down. Fuels my righteous indignation every morning.

    Real Time with Bill Mahr – Real Time?! As a podcast?! Yes! Smart people arguing about smart topics, with a hefty helping of snark. Love it!

    The Savage Love Podcast – Dan Savage’s podcast about sex and relationships. He’s had a column of the same name in the Village Voice for years. Not kid friendly, but always insightful. Great for a weekly-ish dose of sassy gay man.

    RISK – True Tales, Boldly Told – Themed episodes in the vein of TAL and The Moth. Tends to have a lot of well known actors and comics. A bit edgier overall. Tends towards kid unfriendly as well.

    Radio BSOTS – This is DJ Macedonia’s podcast (a friend of mine from my all night dancing days). Lots of great podcast friendly jams that you won’t hear anywhere else, along with great life commentary about being a working parent. Mostly hip-hop, electronica, and soul. Really beautiful well produced music, each episode containing it’s own universe of tunes. The Buckwild episodes are great for those days when you’re hungry for a side of homicide with lunch, but don’t want to deal with all the nasty side effects. I used to inject those episodes in to my cranium via the ear bud method as a means of maintaining some semblance of sanity. BSOTS is not available on Stitcher.


    1. mommyk8 Post author

      Nice! Thank You! The Stitcher App sounds cool. I will have to put these on my giant podcast list 🙂 Now that it’s spring I plan to spend a lot more time taking walks, and hopefully doing some farming. Always looking for goodstuff. Have you ever listened to Stuff You Should Have Learned in History Class? Another fave.


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