Dear MommyK8

Today I am launching my advice column, Dear MommyK8. Do I have formal experience in giving advice or counseling? No! This new section aims to be a fun, lighthearted, and hopefully informative way for me to share some of my wisdom with my readers, and maybe the world.

For years, friends have told me that I should start a column, so here we go! To begin with, I don’t have any real theme in mind, but have a feeling that one will emerge once I start receiving and answering questions.

Do I expect that everyone will agree with my advice or even take it? Of course not. All letters will be modified to protect anonymity of the sender, and the identity will not be shared – unless of course – someone is threatening harm to themselves or someone else, or me.

Letters will be published and answers on Fridays, provided I have some to answer! I’m hoping this takes off so please send me your questions and share this post widely!

To submit a question please email: I will try to answer all your questions, unless this goes bananas and I am simply unable to.

So! Here we go! Again:

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