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Why I’m a Hypocrite, or Things I Used to Hate Because I Didn’t Know How Awesome They Are.

I change my mind a lot. Since I have no problem whatsoever voicing my opinion loudly, about pretty much everything, over the course of my life I have shot my mouth off about various things that are, “The dumbest things I’ve ever seen, and I hate them.only to change my mind about it later.  Some people would call this being hypocritical, but I choose to just look at it as being grown up enough to change my mind about things and admit when I’m wrong.

1. Uggs. Ok, my conversion on this one is going to shock some of you. For YEARS I have gone on and on about how much I fucking hate Uggs. Mostly because they are extraordinarily hideous. Then, last year I bought some Ulus which are sort of Uggish, suede outside, shearling inside, but they don’t have that same Ugg look. Hmm. My resolve started to slide. Then I ripped a hole in those and my in-laws bought me a really really nice pair of LL Bean Ugg

Sweet Jesus, they're ugly.

Sweet Jesus, they're ugly.

knockoffs. You guys. I get it now. Ok? I was wrong. So, so wrong. First off, they weigh NOTHING. Secondly, they are extremely warm and keep my feet extremely dry.  These things are key, since we have approximately 90 feet of snow.  I’m wearing them right now. And when I wear them out, I’m going to get another pair. I’m a convert.

2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer and True Blood (I’m just putting these both together because I don’t want to have two entries about vampire TV shows.) Those of you that know me in real life, know I’m insane for Buffy. Own all the seasons, have a cast autograph, have books about the show – complete episode guides etc. But, back in the day? When it was on TV? I made fun of that show so, so bad. I totally was a huge bitch to this woman I used to work with who was in love with it. I was all, “What is your deal? That is the dumbest show EVER!” Mostly, because my entire opinion of the show was based on the extremely horrible movie. Then, one fateful day, I was sick and there was a Buffy marathon on FX and I was too lazy to change the channel. The first ep I saw was the Thanksgiving one (season 4) where Spike is tied to a chair and there’s a huge bear loose in Gile’s house. Spike says, “It’s a Bear! Make it go away!” That was it. Sold.

That's right, I'm team Spike. Suck it, Angel.

Pretty much the same thing was true with True Blood. Thought it sounded dumb because hey, there is only room for one awesome vampire show in my heart, and it was occupied by Buffy. Then everything else we watched ended so we decided to give it a shot. Wow. Just like with children, apparently there is room in my heart for more than one vampire show. I also listened to all the Sookie Stackhouse audiobooks this summer – I highly, highly recommend them. Except for the first one, they are not like the show much at all. But still very good.

3. Twitter. What is this stupid thing that everyone’s doing that is just like Facebook updates but shorter? It’s public? Anyone can follow you? This makes no sense to me. I hate it. Then I got the hang of it. Now, yeah. Addicted.

4. Zumba. Well, or group exercise/going to the gym at all. In fact, one of the reasons I justified the expense of our family purchasing a Kinect for Xmas (which I do not regret) was that I could use it to work out and it’s so much cheaper than the gym. Then a local gym offered 3 free Zumba classes. Though the ads I’d seen for Zumba on TV made it look like the dumbest thing in the world, I decided to suck it up and give it a shot. Holy crap. It’s so much fun. Oh, do you not know what Zumba is? It’s like um, aerobic latin dance, sounds horrible, right? Now I go 3x a week, and I also am doing Body Pump 2x per week. There really is something about exercise classes. I think it’s the energy level. It’s very different than a Jillian Michaels avatar yelling at me to “Push it!”

5. Historical Fiction. Oh man. I HATE historical fiction. I’m a suspense/horror/mystery kind of girl. Then I bought a copy of The Other Boleyn Girl to give as a gift. Then I never gave it away. Then I read it. Woah. I loved it. It was super good. I am now reading the sequel, and probably will read more. I even started watching the Tudors (which by the way, is extremely sexy and horribly historically inaccurate but, who cares?)

See why I'm embarrassed? That bodice is totally getting ripped.

I also change my mind about things that aren’t totally shallow, but this isn’t that kind of post.

31 DBB Take 2

Goood Morning! I’m giving this 31 Days to a Better Blog thing another shot: 1. Because it’s one of my Unreasonable Goals for 2011, and 2. Because I paid for the book and didn’t finish it this summer. For those of you who have been my readers for a really long time, this will be a bit redundant, but since I quit after like 4 days last time, it shouldn’t be too bad. Oh and bonus? I will probably have a lot more posts.

Ok, so the first assignment is an Elevator Pitch for your blog. Basically I have to figure out what this blog is about and summarize it in an interesting and succinct way. I think I’m going to call the Klog: A tongue in cheek lifestyle blog.

Yes? No? Here’s my thinking: It’s more than a “mommy blog” (a term I hate by the way) because I cover all kinds of things here. Cooking, crafting, complaining, etc., AND it’s always sarcastic since I never take anything seriously.

Oh that reminds me, what do you guys think of my new tagline: Always Salty Sometimes Sweet? Seriously, let me know – IN THE COMMENTS HERE. Not on Facebook 😉 Thx.

Boom Day 1 done.

PS. If you’re here from the 31DBB group, Howdy! Also, fair warning – I usually swear a lot more in my posts. I’m feeling a bit prim and proper today. Too much reading about the Tudors.

Allegedly Day 3 Freaks Me Out

Morning. I’m now on Day 3 of 31 Days to a Better Blog Bootcamp. It’s marginally less horrible than Day 3 of the 30 Day Shred, which almost made me cry. So today we have to try to promote our blogs more. I already do the regular stuff like unabashedly self promote on Facebook and Twitter, but today we are supposed to ask another blogger to provide a linky to our site. I hate this. I hate it so much. It’s like high school. What if no one likes my blog? I mean, I know my friends do *ALLEGEDLY*, but what if REAL people don’t? It’s just making me all insecure and pissy.

Also doing this challenge has made me realize my blog is super shitty looking. I need an overhaul. I’m registering a new domain – rather Mikey is *ALLEGEDLY* in the next few days and I’m going to try to move things around, pretty it up, and make it look a bit less 2002. Sound good? If I have to learn any HTML I swear to god, someone is going to get stabbed. Probably my computer. So if any of you have good recommendations for a good GUI site design/blogging software designing thing that is FREE (that’s kind of a key piece) let me know. Right now iweb is a major contender…but I don’t have a Mac yet, though Mike is giving me his old one when he gets a new one this month *ALLEGEDLY*.

Anyhow, we are also supposed to provide links to other people’s blogs. If nothing else awesome happens to me because of this challenge, I’m at least going to walk away with subscriptions to a bunch of fantastic blogs.  One of the other women in this challenge writes: 1000 Reasons I’m a Crap Mom.  It’s beyond hilarious. I think I’m supposed to just recommend one post, but no – you’ve got to check out the whole thing – see that, me breaking the rules. . Today one of the reasons I’m a crap mom is that I’ll be spending a huge portion of it reading this blog.

I think I’m going to watch Debbie Downer on Hulu to brighten my mood.

Update:  So yeah, apparently Blogger has some new tools that make it easier to prettify your site. As usual if I simply read the directions, I’d realize things weren’t as hard as I thought. Anyhow, what do you think of the new pretties?