My Possibly Illegal Holiday Gift Giving Guide

It’s holiday gift-guide time of the year again! Oprah has released her holiday gift guide. Gwyneth has released hers. Every other media outlet in the country is sure to be close behind.  I am not going to lie, I love looking at gift guides, but more from an anthropological view than as an actual guide.… Read More My Possibly Illegal Holiday Gift Giving Guide


Learning Is Embarrassing

WordPress has a new editor. I haven’t figured it out yet. Yesterday, I published a draft that was not the edited draft I intended to publish. The post was filled with grammatical and spelling errors. Good thing I obsessively read my own blog. Too bad I didn’t do it until this morning. So, now you all… Read More Learning Is Embarrassing

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Behind The ‘Gram: A Day At The Beach

Here’s the thing you must ask whenever consuming social media: who is the audience for this? Because, trust me, there is always an audience. Each time we take a picture or write a status update and hit post, there is an intention. Now, you may say, “I want to share it with the world,” or… Read More Behind The ‘Gram: A Day At The Beach

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The Scariest Halloween

Teen Wolf. My son was crying in the changing room mere moments before swimming class. “Why are you crying?” I asked. I assumed I hadn’t brought the right swimsuit, or something happened at school. “I don’t know what to be for Halloween.” I should have known. It was the day before Halloween, and both of… Read More The Scariest Halloween


Big Changes for MommyK8

In the very near future, I’d say the next month, this site is going to be completely redesigned. I’ve decided to focus and actually make it a little more lifestyle-ish. For years both my twitter and instagram descriptions have read: Mom,Wife,Writer,Reader,Cooker,Knitter. And so, that’s what this site is going to be focused on. It will… Read More Big Changes for MommyK8


That Time Fear Ruined My Writing and Probably Derailed My Career

My daughter, 13, recently discovered this blog. I’ve been afraid of this moment for a long time. No need to, though. She loves it. She talked to me about how she went back and started reading from the beginning, which started in 2008, when she was 3. She loves the stories and thinks they are… Read More That Time Fear Ruined My Writing and Probably Derailed My Career